Professional experience / Teaching

Professional experience 
2005-….  University of Quebec in Montreal, Tenure Track Professor, School of Social Work
1998-2005 University of Québec in Outaouais, Ottawa, Tenure Track Professor, Department of Social Work and Social Sciences
1993 – 1998 Trainer, Lecturer, Consultant, Private practice
1997- 1998 Public Health Quebec, Program AIDS/Addictions Research and contribution for a document: Intervention guide in a context of AIDS and addictions
1990-1993 Program Director, Certificate in Mental Health Studies Faculty of Continuing Education University of Montreal
1980 -1990 Professional Social Worker, Local Center for Community Services (CLSC Centre Sud); Constance Lethbridge Readaptation Center; Center or Social Services, Youth Protection services
1983 Research Assistant, Laval University, Departement of Anthropology; Integration of
the Jewish community to the Quebecois Institutions 
1980 Research Assistant, Currie, Cooper et Lybrant, Portrait of the Higher managers in Beauce Region (Quebec).
1979 Research Assistant, International Center of Criminology. University of  Montreal The attitude of diverse populations towards crime
1978 – 80 Director, Hillel CommunityCenter for the French speaking jewish university students in Montreal 
2005-…. University of Quebec in Montreal, School of Social Work (as a professor) Integration seminars for master degree students, Intervention with families in social work (master and undergraduate level), Phenomenon of addictions: psychosocial aspects, Social work and youth, Social deviancy, families and social transformations (master)
1998-2005 University of Quebec in Outaouais, Ottawa Family intervention, Theories and intervention practices, Advanced training courses 1 and 2, Cultural realities and social practices (master), Sociocultural aspects and psychotropic usage, Social work and
addictions, New family dynamics and social practices (master)
1987-1998 University of Quebec in Montreal, School of Social Work (as a
Social work and addictions, Intervention with families in social work, Social deviancy Social policies and dependent persons, , Dynamics of social problems, Social policies, Contemporary social work, Social work and youth
1997-1998 University of Sherbrooke, Department of Social Work Mental health and social
work. Social problems, youth and social work, Social problems, Health and social work 
1992-2012 University of Montreal, Certificate studies in addictions Context of psychotropic usage, Family dynamics and addictions, Youth and addictions, Etiology of the addictions and intervention models
1995-1999 Native Training Institute of Quebec Conception/training of the following courses: Youth and social exclusion : community actions and prevention, The solvent abuse
among native communities : systemic and network approach,
Violence: social components and paths of intervention
1994 – 1995 Montreal Police, Conception/training of the following course: Police relations with diverse social and cultural minorities: paths of intervention
1993/1994 Native Training Institute of Quebec, Models of intervention in addictions, Social Intervention with groups and communities, Social Intervention and drug abuse